The Telecom Management Industry Council concentrates on identifying opportunities within and advancing the "new" telecom management industry. In the past telecom management has often meant telecom bill audits or telecom expense management programs and telecom has been viewed as just an operating expense with primary initiatives revolving around cost cutting. Today, it means so much more. Many types of vendors provide services that impact the telecom environment and how efficienct it is. And the telecom environment is evolving to one viewed as an asset that can be used to drive business results that executive management cares about. This group will focus on advancing the opportunities for the telecom environment, the vendors who support it and the business who can leverage it. 

Telecom Management Industry Council Mission Statement

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The "new" Telecom Management Industry 

  • Goes far beyond the traditional telecom expense management view
  • Telecom expense management or mobility management are only 15% of what you need to manage the environment
  • Vendors impact the telecom environment and the telecom environment impacts the business, all three of which make up the Telecom Management Ecosystem 
  • $1.5 trillion being spent on telecom globally, very little spent on managing it, and it shows.
  • Opportunities everywhere

The Telecom Management Ecosystem 

Council Overview

A Group of Global Telecom Management Industry 

Thought Leaders

  • Vendors - any vendor who impacts the efficiency, performance, productivity and costs of a fixed and mobile telecom environent
    • Includes opportunities for TEM / WMM providers, carriers/operators, software providers, equipment providers, integrators and more
    • Exploring opportunities for vendors to play a larger role in the impact of the environment
  • The Telecom Environment - the environment supported by vendors and that serves the business
    • consists of fixed and mobile, voice and data, cloud, IoT and the many other components of the fixed and mobile telecom environment
    • Evolving the environment from one largely viewed as an operating expense into one viewed and leveraged as a strategic asset used to drive business objectives and results set forth by upper management
    • Creating and positioning the telecom environment as a Telecom Management Center of Excellence 
  • The Business - the business can better capitalize on the telecom environment 
    • Aliging the telecom environment to leaderships annual objectives
    • Telecom can play a role in revenue growth, customer satisfaction, increading market share, gaining compentitive advantage and much more 
  • Enterprises "adopt" the Framework
  • Vendors "align" to the Framwork
  • A industry best practice driven methodology for managing a fixed and mobile telecom environment 
  • Best practices become industry standards when 75% of users have adopted the best practice
  • Addresses the over 750 points of potential inefficiency in any fixed and mobile environment
  • Components of the Framework include 30 telecom management activities, 10 focus areas, 7 stakeholder groups and 7 areas of measurement
  • The Performance Index and its sub-measurements is a standardized way of measuring performance and identifying additional opportunites for vendors, the telecom environment and the business.
  • Performance Index scores telecom environments on a scale of 1 to 10,000 and has components for vendor performance ratings, team performance ratings, business impact and the telecom environment ratings 

The Efficiency First Framework

Exploring the opportunties that are everywhere ...

  • For vendors
  • For telecom environements
  • For business          

And most importantly, opportunities to build and grow our industry

  • Supply chain and CRM became billion dollar industries
  • Cloud and IoT are billion dollar industries
  • Telecom management can be the same  

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